Dr. LMW Welcome

Dr. LMW Welcome

Good day,
My name is Fr. Lee Moon Won, I am the general doctor and the general director of LMW KOREA Co., Ltd. We all watch and love movies, but if you had the opportunity to watch films and TV series of the Korean cinematography, you would have noticed that among the cast there are no bald actors and actresses. In Korea since already ancient times people are very sensitive to the lack of hair on the head, and therefore make great efforts to preserve healthy and voluminous hair. Regarding the regional and cultural characteristics of the region, the process and methods of treating hair diseases with herbs, naturally took root among the society and are very popular in Korea.

In general it is possible to trace a general description of the reasons for the visit - due to the lifestyle and the pace of modern life, in conditions of constant competition, most customers are experiencing a constant stress, overload, which negatively impacts the scalp and hair. In addition, due to the eating habits and preferences for consumption of alcoholic beverages in modern society, we have developed a special method of additional treatment procedures for the head, which helps improve the blood circulation and keep the skin clean.

LMW Oriental Clinic, known worldwide as an expert in the treatment of hair loss and baldness on the basis Korean medicine methods, strives to provide the best medical services to its customers.

The chief doctor and a representative of LMW KOREA Co., Ldt, Dr. Lee Moon Won.

About LMW Oriental Clinic

LMW Korea Co., Ltd is a commercial company, whose business and development are limited according to the Law on companies with limited responsibility.

Company LMW Korea Co., Ltd was established in 2005 and belongs to one of the first to specialize in the development of treatments methods of hair loss in Korea. At the initial stage of development of this area, many doctors doubted, whether it was possible to open a whole clinic doing study on hair loss only. But despite of it, with the help of determination and desire of the doctor, at the moment we have the unique clinic that provides a variety of methods, a series of medicinal products, as well as a system of comprehensive services for the treatment of hair loss problems. That is why the LMW Oriental Clinic up to this day is a brilliant embodiment of prestige and personality in the field of medicine.

From 2000, the company began the development of laboratory tests to produce effective and safe products of treatment. As a result, we developed 30 medications for treatment programs, based on which in 2005 "Medical Rehabilitation Center of LMW Clinic" was established.

Starting from 2014, currently the hospital counts over 50,000 cases of diagnosis and treatment, 11 scientific papers, a special permit use of universal formulas 2, and is being the author and creator of the secret 3 formulas to treat hair loss and scalp.

In addition to the medicinal products, given the interests of the clinic's patients, a natural cosmetic line of a brand 'LMW Korea', consisting of 16 home-use medications such as shampoo, conditioner, mask and others was developed .Providing the best of everything for our customers, all products of the LMW brand found its buyers and is delivered to more than 16 foreign countries.

LMW Oriental Clinic Headquarters International Development Centre Global Brand LeeMoonWon

LMW Oriental Clinic Headquarters, located in the Republic of Korea is very popular in Japan, China, Thailand and other countries, therefore the Center receives multiple requests not only of local TV channels such as KBS, MBC, SBS and other 50 programs, but also of 130 foreign TV channels with a request to provide information materials of clinic on techniques and methods for treating hair loss.

LMW Brand Products cosmetic line for maintenance and hair care is popular for the simplicity of usage and effectiveness of medical influences - to prevent the development of symptoms of hair loss, hair loss reduction, improvement and restoration of the skin of the scalp.



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