Date 2019-01-19 Views 183
Hello. This is doctor Lee Moon Won   If it is your first visit consultation and examination take about 1-1,5 hours.   After scalp and hair examination I will explain treatment options and methods. First visit is 50,000 won.   It is better to make an appointment in advance. Because if you come without reservation there might be some waiting time. ...more
Date 2019-01-19 Views 188
Hi! I want to get consultation in your clinic. How long is consultation and how much does it cost?more
RE:Scalp problems
Date 2019-01-18 Views 176
Hello,   This is doctor Lee Moon Won.   If you feel itching continuously it can be a sign of scalp inflammation or some scalp disease. If the symptoms last for 2-3 years the symptoms can be quite severe and if you don’t treat it can become worse over the time.   These kids of symptoms are usual for seborrheic dermatitis or dry dermatitis. I recom...more
Scalp problems
Date 2019-01-18 Views 163
My scalp has been itchy for about 2-3 years. These days it got worse. Can you treat that too? How much is the treatment? I live in Korea nowmore
RE:Mesotherapy- Herbal injection
Date 2018-11-05 Views 252
Hello. Thank you for your question. If you want to get just injections it is hard to get such effect as regrowth and thickening of the hair. Injections are effective if you want to reduce the amount of falling hair and reducing scalp itchiness. If you want to choose one of the treatment methods with the best results I recommend taking internal medicine (pills.) ===============...more
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